About me

I was born in Italy and all throughout my life movement and sport have always been present. I studied ballet and modern dance for many years all through high school. Even during the university, when time for sport was scarce, I kept on practicing aerobics, step and all sort of “fitness” activities.
In 2001 I moved to The Netherlands where I lived till the end of 2003, when I arrived in Munich. 
After almost 20 years in Germany, the time for me has come to return to Italy and continue my journey in my country.

I started practicing Iyengar yoga just out of curiosity (and because it was conveniently offered in the basement of my office) in 2006. I soon realized that I had found something very special, that not only was improving my health, but was also giving me stability, mental balance and psycological energy. So I decided to start the teacher's training at the iYoga Studio in Munich and since 2011 I am a certified Iyengar® Yoga Teacher. In a leap of faith I quit my daily job and decided to dedicate myself to yoga.
In April 2017 I have acquired my Junior Intermediate 1 Certificate (Level 2 on the new system)

My training is never ending.

I practice every week with my teachers Margareta Eckl and Michael Forbes in Munich and I regularly attend seminars with international Iyengar Yoga Senior Teachers (Gabriella Giubilaro, Glenn Ceresoli, Lois Steinberg, Stephanie Quirk, David Meloni, just to name a few). In 2012 I spent a month in the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune - India, where I had the privilege and the honor of seeing Guruji Iyengar “in action”.
Between 2013 and 2015 I attended a further training in Remedial Work (Yoga Therapy).
I am also trained in yoga during pregnancy and after birth.


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