Live classes in Tezze sul Brenta
Starting January 2023

Monday      9:00- 10:30    &.   19:00-20:30

Tuesday                18:30-20:00

Wednesday           18:30-20:00

Thursday      8:30-10:00   &.    18:30-20:00


The following photo-sequences are meant to support the own practice of yoga students, giving them some inspiration and some ideas.

Please be cautious!

If you are not familiar with some of the poses (especially invertions) practice alternative asanas or skip them. 


I am putting a lot of love and work into the preparation of these sequences.
If you like them and wish to support my work, you can make a donation via PayPal at: [email protected]
Thank you!

Everyday poses
I have compiled a small "catalog" of poses that can be done daily according to your particular needs (click on the photo to open it). The list could be MUCH longer but, hey, we have to start somewhere! Have fun with it!


Yoga in the office
We are spending so much time sitting in front of a computer and regular stretch and movement helps to maintain our body strong and healthy. Here are a few poses that can be done at your desk (being it in the office or at home) to refresh your body and your mind.


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